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Letras mais dramáticas da Taylor

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A Taylor tem tendência a exagerar nas letras, tendendo para o drama. Quais consideram as letras mais dramáticas?


Ocean blue eyes looking in mine
I feel like I might sink and drown and die

mad woman

Now I breathe flames each time I talk
My cannons all firin' at your yacht
They say, "Move on", but you know I won't
And women like hunting witches too
Doing your dirtiest work for you
It's obvious that wanting me dead has really brought you two together

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"The water filled my lungs, I screamed so loud
But no one heard a thing"


The moment i knew

"And it was like slow motion
Standing there in my party dress
In red lipstick
With no one to impress
And they're all standing around me singing
"Happy birthday to you"
But there was one thing missing
And that was the moment I knew"

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