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Found 17 results

  1. [Verse 1] When your dinner is cold and the chatter gets old You ask for the tab Or that moment again, he's insisting that friends Look at each other like that [Verse 2] When the words of a sister come back in whispers That prove she was not in fact what she seemed Not a twin from your dreams She's a crook who was caught [Chorus] That old familiar body ache The snaps from the same little breaks in your soul You know when it's time to go [Verse 3] Twenty years at your job Then the son of the boss gets the spot that was yours We're trying to stay for the
  2. [Verse 1] Friends break up, friends get married Strangers get born, strangers get buried Trends change, rumors fly through new skies But I'm right where you left me Matches burn after the other Pages turn and stick to each other Wages earned and lessons learned But I'm right where you left me [Pre-Chorus] Help, I'm still at the restaurant Still sitting in a corner I haunt Cross-legged in the dim light They say, "What a sad sight" I, I swear you could hear a hair pin drop Right when I felt the moment stop Glass shattered on the white cloth Everybody moved on